Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Martyrs is one of the most challenging horror films I have ever seen.  It cannot be dismissed as simple violent garbage, and makes strong accusations about a society that could relate to any of the material.  The DVD even begins with an apology from the writer/director Pascal Laugier.  The film spirals brilliantly and without restraint into darker and darker territory.  It is a superbly crafted film, and the emotional reaction it draws from the audience is a testament to this.  The film begins with a beaten and bloody child escaping her torturer and this image of the crying beaten child is the most easy to stomach.  This is a film that will stick with you for days and you will almost assuredly not return to at any point once you experience it.  I am purposefully leaving the plot from this critique as it unfolds in a perfect sequence of events.

Scott Tobias wrote a terrific assessment of the film for the AV club. I encourage anyone who has seen or is interested in seeing Martyrs to read.  It can be found here.  http://www.avclub.com/articles/martyrs,48752/

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