Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Hills Run Red

A well layered mystery in the guise of a typical slasher.   
 If this interests you I strongly recommend the criminally under seen The Hills Run Red.  All the clichéd elements are here, from rednecks to kids in the woods, yet all your presumptions will work against you.  The film starts unremarkable a college student, Tyler (played by Tad Hilgenbrink) obsessed with tracking down a copy of a legendary horror film, screened only once.  He tracks down a cast member, Alexa (Sophie Monk) who brings him into the wilderness to show where the film was shot.

This all sounds typical repetitive and dull, but it is not.  The cast of explorers are not merely fodder for the killer.  They act intelligently defying all expectations of the genre they are in.  If you are in search of a brutally violent horror film, with layers of mystery you will be hard pressed to do better.  The final reveal is devastating.

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