Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Clive Barker emerges from a week long coma.

A twitter feed from one of my favorite creators of macabre. 

“Dear Friends, I’ve had some medical issues that have recently forced me away from my beloved desk and into the hospital…In my case the dental work unloaded such a spillage of poisonous bacteria into my blood that my whole system crashed, putting me into a coma. I spent several days in Intensive Care, with a machine breathing for me.
Later, my Doctors said that they had not anticipated a happy ending until I started to fight, repeatedly pulling out the tubes that I was constantly gagging on. After a few days of nightmarish delusions I woke up to my life again, tired, twenty pounds lighter but happy to be back from a very dark place. And here in the world I intend to stay. I’ve books to write ,films to make and paintings to paint. I seem to have come home with my sight clearer somehow and my sense of purpose intensified. Thank you all for your messages, your prayers and love. What better reason to wake to life than knowing I have such friends? Again, thank you.
My love to you always,

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