Thursday, August 16, 2012

Janina Gavankar plays Famke Phoenix in Where the Dead Fear to Tread like a wild B-movie which, in the right hands, could be adapted into one hell of an RPG video game or a horror mini-series like True Blood, the book is a dark fantasy with a cast as big and as bold as its plot....It’s an interesting read that may get more interesting as the series continues, and who knows? It could be a future movie or video game franchise hit that you can brag about having picked up when it was just a humble indie e-book. Give it a chance and you may be surprised to find out Where the Dead Fear to Tread.
Robert Hibbs of Ravenous Monster

I recently noticed actress Janina Gavankar in True Blood and the b-horror flick Cup of My Blood and her distinct look and talent had me thinking of my character Famke Phoenix.  

"In a small cubicle, the boy William rescued looks forward. Without speaking, Jeffery Williamson searches Famke Phoenix’s face. Silently he takes in her Asian features, well complimented by her mother’s African heritage. Her long, carefully combed bangs fall to her eyebrows. The hair is arranged purposely to hide the jewelry resting on her forehead. Jeffery spent many hours in police custody before coming to Famke. Despite the best efforts of many officers, he would not speak. In clothes too large for him, Jeffery retains the disheveled look he had at the asylum."
From Where the Dead Fear to Tread by M.R. Gott

"At the garden’s outset Famke Phoenix watches the pair remembering this specific lesson from her own time as a student at the school.  Her parents, both magicians had brought her here to develop her abilities.  Despite leaving the school in disgust years earlier she was forced to return.  In a situation of desperation she had brought Jeffery here for protection.  The boy was being chased by ghosts that seemed to take physical form.  Famke had brought him to this place for safety, and to learn how to control his ability to convene with the dead.  In their time here she had located his parents, but not contacted them.  Until Jeffery had rudimentary control of his abilities it would not be safe for him to return home.  Jeffery had still not spoken a word since his arrival and because of this Jim tutored him privately." 
Special Preview of Where the Damned Fear Redemption by M.R. Gott


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