Saturday, September 15, 2012

Blood PC Game from 1998

Taking place in the early 1900's Blood follows Caleb a resurrected gunfighter seeking vengeance upon the cult he once lead, and betrayed him.

The plot doesn't matter though.  This is an old first person shooter from Monolith Productions.  Imagine the original Duke 3D except as a homage to old horror flicks.

With an odd and creative weapons cache, flare guns, spray can with lighter.  As well as the old stand bys; double barrel shotgun and Tommy gun.  Game play is fast and fun.

Much like Duke their are direct references to cult favorites such as, Phantasm, Friday the 13th, Army of Darkness, The Shining and much much more.  A great example is when you see yourself in a mirror, then it shatters and you face off against mini versions of yourself.

All this can be yours through the people at Good Old Games for the low price of 5.99.  Click any image for the link to buy.

I remember loving this on my Dad's old computer in the basement and it holds up well.  If you like FPS and horror flicks this is for you.  Thanks to Pat for finding this link, now we just need Shadow Warrior and we'll be set.

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