Monday, April 29, 2013

Timothy McGivney on Tales of Obscenity #1

"I've been on a short story craze lately and am happy to report that all the stories within are truly obscene, vile, sick and twisted and accompanied by some really cool artwork too. My three favorites are Jennifer Loring's "In Remembrance", a sort of Romeo and Juliet zombie tale---absolutely amazing---and a cut above the rest. As is Christopher Fulbrights "The Way I Love You". It's a total jaw dropper! The main protagonist is so full of hate and bitter rage it practically seethes from the page. And the gross out award goes to M. R. Gott's Daddy's Got You. This made my skin crawl and gave me flashbacks to the horrific slides I had to sit through during microbiology. Good job everyone! Can't wait for the next issue!"

Timothy McGivney is the author of Vampalicious & Zombielicious

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