Thursday, December 5, 2013

Never Sleep Again Review

Are you up for a four hour documentary on the entire Nightmare On Elm Street film and Television Franchise(but skips the new remake)?  I'm a luke warm fan of the franchise and found it riveting, though I did watch it over four separate days.

This is a warts and all documentary with a great number of players saying very negative things about  various installments, and even directors stating they out right failed in what they attempted.  One of the coolest pieces to me was that got Craig Spector to talk about his trashed Nightmare Five script, and it sounded awesome.

Every director and nearly every cast member and  was interviewed for this project, and each brought some cool insights to their respective projects, one tidbit I really appreciated, because it really bugged me was the screen play for Freddy vs Jason did not have Kelly Rowland calling Freddy a faggot(For me this turned it from a dumb fun movie into something else).  In fact that guy wrote a totally different monologue for her that tied the two franchises together, and was totally scrapped.  

This is without a doubt one of the most thorough but never dull franchise documentaries I have ever seen.

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