Saturday, November 26, 2011

A Gritty Little Thriller...M.R reviews X

 X Review            

Holly Rowe’s (Viva Bianca) last night as a prostitute hits a slight road bump and she hires Shay Ryan(Hanna Mangan Lawrence) to fill in for the missing girl.  Shay is a teenage runaway and this is her second night as a prostitute.  The simple job goes horribly wrong.

X is a success on many levels.  One is an expert use of contrast.  Holly is a seasoned prostitute Shay is just beginning.  The contrast of police and criminals is also used very effectively.  The cast is great, particularly the two female leads. 
The greatest strength of X is its darkness.  Viva Bianca is an incredibly attractive lead, but his is not a sexy movie, it is sinister and disturbing.  The early sequences of Shay’s first few tricks are awkward and cringe worthy. 
Though the world is against Holly and Shay it is vital to note, they are never portrayed as victims, they are survivors in a harsh reality.  One standout scene involves a pimp smacking Holly, before she proceeds to thoroughly beat the shit out of him. 
Director Writer Jon Hewitt keeps an incredible intensity through the bulk of the film’s running time.  

In the end;
The tightly paced script and direction by Jon Hewitt create a criminally under seen crime flick.  The cast is terrific and the plot hits all the right notes.  If you are looking for a crime film that does not glamorous sex and violence this is the film for you.  John Hewitt finds small human moments within the darkness and chase sequences creating a emotional resonance for his characters.    

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