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M.R. interviews.........Vladimir Petkovic

We may say never judge a book by its cover, but many of us are suckers for a kick ass cover.  Please welcome  Vladimir Petkovic

Tell us about your role at Morpheus Tales.  How did you begin working there?

As for myself, I’m a big Horror and Sci-Fi fan, so while I’ve been regularly on Myspace, I accidentally popped on page of Morpheus Tales, which had a dozen of topics and themes from horror genre, that intrigued me.  So, I’ve contacted Adam Bradley, a main man from Morpheus Tales. That was  back in 2009. He saw my artwork and gave me the chance.  I’ve tried out with the story ‘’Magnificent Maggot Face’’ written by N J Buchanan, for which I did two illustrations. Adam liked the style of mine, and the way I visualized the story. From that point, I’ve became regular illustrator of the magazine. So far, I did 8 illustrations and one cover artwork, from which five illustrations are published, and other will came out in time. Last one is planned for mid of 2012.or  something.

Of the works you have had published which do you feel is the best representation of yourself as an artist?  How so?  
Maybe the illustration for ‘’Magnificent Maggot Face’’, because I incorporated all my inking techniques inside of that artwork. Surely, I progressed much from that drawing, because that was done two years ago, but still I’m very proud on that work.

Of your unpublished works which do you have the greatest affinity for?  Why?
Definitively that’s my own Comic character Jack Nicklbee, a detective from Chicago, who’s is placed in crazy 80’s, where he deal with various human and let’s say a bit of unnatural horrors of mankind. I got tones of panels and illustrations with his adventures.  That’s the character that have ‘’haunted’’ me since my childhood days. I’m taking on big hopes that his episodes will be published somewhere. 

As the matter of fact, I’m already looking for the publishers that may be interesting in publishing of such comics. If nothing happened in some time, I’ll try out to publish the comic on my own, as I do have plans to set up my own art and publishing studio.  Besides that, I’m a big fan of Slavic mythology, and I did a big amount of paintings that contains characters, like fairies, demons and gods from that Ancient era of Slavic history.  I will promote those paintings at the beginning of next year exposition in Belgrade, and afterwards, I’ll see where I could offer them to be published, I’m mainly targeting on books which will deal with such thematic.

What is your creation process like? Do you use models or any reference when you begin?  

It depends on matter of form. When it comes to draw things I’ve never seen before, no matter are they shapes, buildings, figures in strange poses…I use models, or documentation which is very important for me, when I get in some situation to draw or paint something complex or completely new to me.  Also, I’m doing couple of preparing  studies before I get into the serious drawing. Otherwise, when I go for things I’m into, I start off with the plane pencil sketching  which is mainly the doodle thing. Then I use another pencil work that’s more detailed and completed, before I go with the inking or color work.

Color or Black & White, how do you decide which to use for any given piece? 
It depends how I see it in my head. When idea comes to me, I imagine in my head how would it be. If I seen it as black n’ white I go that way. If I see it in color, I go for the color. Of course, there are situations when I during the primary drawing with pencil get in mood to switch from let’s say imagined black n’ white form to color version. But again, I mostly stick to the way I seen it in my mind.

What is your favorite image?  How has it influenced you? 

When it comes to painters and images, I’m a big fan of (at first place) Serbian painters like Pavle Jovanović and Petar Meseldžija, which entirely opus amuses me a lot and above all motivates me to work.  You know, when you see something astonishing in field of your interest and playground, you just get yourself in mood to be motivated and go for the best you can do, or you just drop your jaw on the floor and stop doing what you do, because you know you can’t do it. Besides them, I’m founding myself very inspired and motivated to work by works of Hungarian icon Gyula Bencuzur, one of the most completed European painters of all times.  His painting, ‘’Baptism of Vajk’’ is one of my favorite images of all time. No matter what I’m doing, drawing or painting, I always keep that painting at my side, because it’s look and the way Gyula blend the composition with all the details and colors influences me a lot to give the best I got, when I work. It’s just something that gives me the strength and creative flush to go forward.

What are your professional aspirations?

My professional aspiration is to establish my own drawing and publishing studio where I would be able to release my own creations, comic book characters and heroes. I suppose it’s little bit hard to realize such thing due to the economical crisis, but in period of time like one or two years I’ll surely set up some professional studio that will be concentrated on releasing of comic books and illustrations for books and magazines, or maybe even artwork for bands albums.  

What visual artist has had the greatest impact on you?

Besides the painters I mentioned before, people that made a major influence on my work in field of comics and illustration are  Roberto ‘’Magnus’’ Raviola, Frank Frazetta, Roberto Diso, Fabio Civitelli, Massimiliano Frezatto… but of course, I’ve never tried to be their copy or someone who exploiting their style. I’ve just picked up some details and incorporating them in my own way, so the work can be recognized as enough original and my own. It’s good thing to picking up on influences and grown besides some styles and approach which gives you opportunity to develop your own approach and creative shape, but it’s really important do don’t let yourself overwhelmed by those influences, and become their shadow or someone who pattern their style to the bone.

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