Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Cabin in the Woods

Horror fans relish certain ideas, we want to see certain things, yet we want to be surprised and scared.  This is a difficult feet to pull off, however Drew Goddard and Joss Whedon have.  The Cabin the Woods, takes the most cliched horror setup and finds new ideas and perspectives.  The film succeeds as both horror as well as containing some deliberate and genuinely funny moments.  While I understand this is incredibly vague, trust me.  The less you know going into this film the more you will enjoy it.

For those who need more after seeing this film, The Official The Cabin in the Woods Visual Guide is incredibly thorough.  With a forward by Drew Goddard and afterward by Joss Whedon, the book has a strong opening and closing.  Also there is a 40 page interview with the two as they describe the entire process from writing to directing and producing.   The book also contains the entire screenplay, with concept art and movement notes for the actions sequences.  I don't have a single question about this film after paging through this volume. 

If you need more Cabin in the Woods this will hold you over until the DVD/Blu-Ray release, though I cannot imagine the special features containing any new info.  This is currently available on Amazon marked down to 12 dollars from 20. 

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