Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Dana Fredsti joins Max Brooks and other fantastic writers, for a panel celebratingeverything zombie At Comic Con 2012

Thursday, July 12, 1:15 –2:15 p.m., Room 6A

Panelists: Dana Fredsti (Plague Town), Max Brooks (World War Z), Jeyn Roberts (Dark Inside), Michael Spradlin (Blood Risers), Mira Grant (Blackout), Diana Rowland (Even White Trash Zombies Get the Blues),Stephen Blackmore (City of the Lost),Susan Dennard (Something Strange and Deadly)  -- Panel led by HornerJacobs (This Dark Earth).

Great prophets, religious scriptures, andscientific evidence points to apocalypse in 2012…but these authors envision theend of the world in the form of a zombie pandemic.  With their decaying, disintegrating, andsometimes flesh-eating tendencies, zombies have lurked their way into sciencefiction and fantasy novels and are here to stay.  Doomsday takes on a whole new meaning whenlosing limbs and lumbering across the earth are involved.  Learn how to survive everything from zombieinvasions to viral zombie infections.

PLAGUE TOWN novel will be available at a signing after the panel and at TITAN (BOOTH 5537).

Heraldedas “Sexy, weird, creepy, over-the-topzombie goodness” by Jonathan Maberry (PatientZero), DanaFredsti’s Plague Town is the first ina new urban fantasy series of zombie novels introducing Ashley Parker – anass-kicking heroine for the zombie generation whooffers up heavy doses of action, humor, and romance in the vein of PatriciaBriggs and Charlaine Harris.

Dana Fredsti   danafredsti.com  is a San Francisco-basednovelist and screenplay writer whose past works include Murder for Hire: ThePeruvian Pigeon.  As an actress shehas appeared in various horror films, and worked on Sam Raimi's Army ofDarkness as an armourer's assistant, sword-fighting captain, andsword-wielding Deadite.  A past presidentof the Sisters in Crime, Northern California chapter, she is a blogger who hasdone numerous podcasts and radio appearances, and is available for interviews.  

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