Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lyriq Bent plays Lyriq Rigg in Where the Dead Fear to Tread like a wild B-movie which, in the right hands, could be adapted into one hell of an RPG video game or a horror mini-series like True Blood, the book is a dark fantasy with a cast as big and as bold as its plot....It’s an interesting read that may get more interesting as the series continues, and who knows? It could be a future movie or video game franchise hit that you can brag about having picked up when it was just a humble indie e-book. Give it a chance and you may be surprised to find out Where the Dead Fear to Tread.
Robert Hibbs of Ravenous Monster

When writting Where the Dead Fear to Tread I had one actor in mind as perfectly embodying my Character.  Lyriq Bent to play Lyriq Rigg.  I saw Mr. Bent play Officer Daniel Rigg, and everything from his appearence to his demeanor was perfect.  In a place as Mr. Hibbs describes where the property is optioned he would be my first choice. 

"“Figured you’d want first crack at these punks,” Officer Lyriq Rigg jokes in a pre-emptive, defensive tone.
Kate’s cold gaze wordlessly prods the man’s dark skin, pronounced cheek bones and broad shouldered figure."

From Where the Dead Fear to Tread

"He is a broad shadowed silhouette with pronounced cheek bones.  He holds her eyes as he speaks with a confidence beyond his rank. 
“Madam, I am Officer Lyriq Rigg.  You appear injured please allow me to take you to the hospital.” 
Lyriq’s hand supports Tabitha’s arm.  As she rises his opposite hand supports her waist as he brings her to her feet."
From Where the Damned Fear Redemption

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