Friday, January 18, 2013

The Crow Skinning the Wolves #1

The Crow Skinning the Wolves #1 is a difficult book to review, and your appreciation and or enjoyment will be wholly dependent on your reaction to the content. 

The Newest Crow is a man who is killed in a Nazi Concentration Camp, and is reborn to wreak his vengeance.  The art work in Skinning the Wolves is stark and creates a very evocative mood.  O’Barr and Terry have done an incredible job creating a gritty reality for their characters to inhabit.  With few exceptions the panels are close up images, putting the reader into the dark world as a direct observer, in the mêlée.  There is a fantastic sequence where luggage is ripped open and a Nazi walks through the contents, and over a child’s doll. 

The Crow works best an agent of righteous chaos in a corrupt and vile setting.  In this regard placing the events in a concentration camp is a good call.  It is difficult to refer to the character as heroic, because saving others is a byproduct of his actions, and he is already dead.  In Skinning the Wolves there a great deal of foreshadowing, setting up the Nazi leader that will be the antagonist of The Crow. 
It is too early to tell if all the elements will lead to a satisfactory pay off, however O’Barr and Terry are off to a strong start.  

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