Monday, January 21, 2013

The Crow Skinning the Wolves #2

The Crow Skinning The Wolves #2

Whereas the first issue of this series was set up, establishing a tone and hinting at what was to come.  The second issue comes fast and furious.  Our newly established, yet still enigmatic Crow has begun taking his vengeance.  The second issue also begins to flesh out our lead antagonist, a man only known as ‘Commandant.’ 
A great number of unnamed Nazis meet their premature deaths in this issue, but James O’Barr and Jim Terry still establish them as more than just fodder for The Crow’s wrath.  One of the book’s strongest scenes involves two Nazi guards justifying their role at the camp, despite their disdain for the operation. 
Skinning The Wolves #2’s art style is very similar to the firsts.  Most of the images are close ups, putting the reader directly into the middle of the scenes.  Speaking of style, readers should be aware that this current incarnation of The Crow does not have the makeup that has become so iconic for The Crow, and this is a strength of the story.  By grounding the images O’Barr and Terry have made the scenes that much more gritty.

In the end O’Barr and Terry have book that fleshes out the depths of the characters, while still retaining a high level of action.  

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