Sunday, August 18, 2013

Horror Authors’ Bookshelves: Dana Fredsti

Dana Fredsti on her collection:

"My bookshelves are an eclectic mix of books (more or less arranged by genres, authors, and sometimes themes) and stuff.  “Stuff” can range from old dolls to photos, seaglass (LOTS of seaglass) in shells, jars, antique teacups and ashtrays; little cat figurines; knives; hand-made cards from my best friend, a collection of pewter Vikings that my dad collected from the Smithsonian Institute collection…  lots of stuff.  As much as I love books (and the house is filled with them; not only on shelves, but also in stacks under tables and wherever we can fit them), I prefer the aesthetic of books and “stuff” together."
Click the image to jump over to Ravenous Monster to check out her collection.

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