Sunday, August 25, 2013

Seductions by Ray Garton

The lover of your dreams has come...and that lover is not alone. They are everything we desire...and we are their prey. They feed on our passions...gorge themselves on our lust...and they know exactly what we want...what we crave.

Only a few people know they exist, and even those who know aren’t sure what they are, why they have come...or how to stop them. They blend in by taking the forms we love most, and they make of death an unimaginable ecstasy. You may know one of them. You may love one of them. But you will not survive one of them.

Ray Garton’s debut novel Seductions is a clever little book, taking one of the most difficult monsters to use incubi/sucubi and creating a very cunning, briskly-paced supernatural mystery around multiple parties investigating missing persons cases where massive amounts of blood and nothing else was found at the site of disappearance. 
One of Seductions strengths is a lack of clear fodder characters, the cast of the novel is small, but that allows for more character building and personal arcs. 
Garton’s novel starts small and builds toward an incredible climax.  He slowly ratchets up the tension page by page, as the reader discovers with the characters what exactly is happening.
In the End;

Seductions by Ray Garton is a solid paperback page turner.  While it doesn’t re-invent the genre, it is a satisfying read, with bloody kills, clever reveals and well-drawn characters.  

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