Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In the Grindhouse Tradition...Brain Dead

Kevin Tenney's Brain Dead is a film with a very specific audience in mind, and he does not want to disappoint, and he doesn't.  With filmography including Witchboard, and Night of the Demons Tenney knows genre fare.

Brain Dead moves at an incredibly fast pace, wasting no time establishing its characters and set up.  The cast is strong with Joshua Benton's performance great as the semi capable wise ass forced to lead the rag tag group against an alien zombie onslaught.  Michelle Tomlinson also provides a strong role.  The interplay between the assembled group including an adulterous minister an escaped convict and two grad students works well.  This comes from having a group of strong personalities stuck together.  No one is a simple follower or immediate zombie fodder. 

Tenney's action set pieces are strong with a followable sense of movement and incredibly strong practical effects department, especially for low budget fare.  The few horrible CG shots are really the only weakness.

This is not a film that will convert someone to a genre fan, but there is much to appreciate in this little gem.  It held my attention and was not soon forgot.  Click any of the images to watch the film online for free.  Those of you with netflix can also stream it. 

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