Saturday, June 9, 2012

Prometheus & Prometheus The Art of the Film

It’s 1979 and John Hurt’s Kane is falling onto the dinner table, the shock of the accompanying image is one that is nearly impossible to duplicate.  It is also the reason that Prometheus changed during the writing process from a direct Alien prequel to a film exploring questions about the ship Dallas and his crew found on LV-426.  The setting of Prometheus is LV-223.  

“He’s no longer frightening.”  Scott says of the classic Xenomorph.  With this is mind the script changed directions and the recently released Prometheus was born. 
Prometheus is at the very least a very good film.  Whether it is a worthy Alien film?  This can only be realized from repeat viewings over the years.  The movie has a great deal going for it.  The cast is top notch and delivers.  By ignoring the iconic xenomorph Scott is free to tease the audience and rediscover the sense of unknown in the franchise's early films.  The film is encompassed in an air of mystery as the audience discovers the secrets of LV-223 with the crew of Prometheus.  

In a nod to the Sci Fi films of old the movie even dares to investigate and ask deep philosophical questions.  With nods to Alien and a string of original ideas and set pieces Prometheus at the very least deserves a viewing on the big screen, especially for those of us not alive in 1979.

Prometheus The Art of the Film is an incredible companion piece to Ridley Scott’s return to science fiction.  The essay by Scott on the film's evolution is incredibly incitefull and refreshing to find a director who is willing to grow with their ideas.  In a day and age of CGI everything, the production stills of the sets construction was refreshing.  I truly believe it is best when an actor/actress can see what they are supposed to be reacting to.
The early concept paintings are near photograph quality and contain the original end sequence which I really thing would have been very cool.  The detail of the sets when you stop and examine them adds a sense of awe not only to the designers but the people who so fully realized this new world.  

For anyone wishing to re-examine Prometheus I would strongly recommend the gorgeous Prometheus The Art of the Film.  And to further prove what a tease Scott can be I leave you with his final quote, “I thought Prometheus was so enjoyable-returning to the world of science fiction was so fun- I’m thinking about what the hell I might do for a Prometheus 2.”      

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