Wednesday, June 20, 2012

In the Grindhouse Traditoin...Shadow: Dead Riot

Derek Wan's Shadow: Dead Riot is an affectionate homage to; prisonploitation, sexploitation, Kung Fu and zombie movies.  If you have no interest in any of these sub-genres you will find nothing to like here.

However if this sounds appealing to you on any level you will find much to like here.  The plot revolves around Tony Todd's Shadow being executed for murdering a pregnant woman.  Twenty years later Solitaire played with incredible gusto by Carla Greene is sent to the same prison which no operates as an experimental woman's prison.

The effects are well done, and the kung fu sequences are amazing especially for the budget.  The makers of Shadow: Dead Riot went out and got some of Jackie Chan's crew and it shows.  Carla Greene performs admirably in these sequences and is a true standout in the film.

Shadow: Dead Riot has strong production values for its low budget, and never looks so bad it takes you out of the film.While there are some obvious lapses in logic and a couple plot holes and actions of convenience if you want to see a woman's prison kung fu zombie movies that molds these elements into a clear fast paced coherent film, I challenge you to find another flick meeting all this criteria.  This is a bloody entertaining movie.

This film is available in a DVD two pack with Flesh for the Beast and is filtered to look like a distorted out 70's reel.  Or you can rent it from youtube below.

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