Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Gritty Little Thriller...M.R reviews David Croneberg’s Crash

David Croneberg’s Crash is never beautiful, but somehow intensely sensual.  The films focuses on kinky sex and car crashes, but is not about either action.  Sex is merely a release of tension the characters feel, tension that builds from their intricate study of car crashes.

Croneberg has created a character study, with characters that have vague back stories if any. The focus is always on the present, never the past or future.  These people believe in the intensity of the moment, and the question becomes why?  And the audience in free to apply their own experiences into this question, because Croneberg is not going to help you.     

The entire cast is amazing but Deborah Unger is a clear stand out.  She purrs her lines with a layered sense of emotion, conveying intensity in her eyes that her body and words try to hide.   She does everything that she can to support her husband, as they both spiral further into a dark dangerous world. 
Elias Koteas is memorizing as the main catalyst for the intense sensations that the cast searches out.  He is neither a villain or hero, he merely is.  He provides an outlet for what you feel, but will never help you truly understand it. 

David Croneberg’s Crash is a hypnotic film that draws you into a world that exists on the verge of our own.  The score by Howard Shore is memorizing and with each viewing of this film I take something new from it.  This from a film I hated the first time I saw it, though it was the heavily censored version blockbuster carried.  (Geographic convenience sorry).  I cannot emphasize what a car wreck(get it) this version is.  Scenes aren’t just trimmed, but entirely removed, important scenes that without, the film makes NO SENSE what so ever.  If this is the only version you have access to don’t bother.  

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