Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Crow Skinning the Wolves #3 Review

The Crow Skinning the Wolves #3
James O’Barr
Jim Terry
In issue three of Skinning the Wolves The Crow confronts The Commandant and the scenes between the two are wholly satisfying.  With The Crow the reader has established that The Crow cannot be killed, and in this the audience is looking not for a simple revenge killing, but an experience of retribution and revelation.  In this Skinning the Wolves #3 delivers. 

As The Crow assaults The Commandant the pair converses.  During these scenes the audience is treated to flashbacks as The Commandant remembers who The Crow was.  This is an issue of revelation and mediation, that delivers on both fronts. This was a product of great dialogue between the two.  

The artwork is again strong, with a distinct style that works to tell a story, and never distract from it.  While this book is less moody visually, it works not to distract the reader from the interaction between The Crow and The Commandant. 

By keeping each man nameless it also lets their battle of wills extend beyond the two specific men into something larger and more universal.  If your just picking up this book without reading the other two, you will probably be disappointed.  The Crow Skinning of the Wolves is a book that rewards the reader with rich complete story telling, and while the script is not overly complicated from the perspective of narrative, this is an issue of emotional revelation that was well earned over the previous two issues.  

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