Thursday, February 7, 2013

Schwarzenegger & Stallone bust back to back weekends

This is a bit non genre, but so be it.

Schwarzenegger & Stallone both bombed back to back weekends with The Last Stand and Bullet to the head respectively.  And it got me thinking about Arnold, and for such a strong man, aside from the Predator he generally faces foes that are pretty weak by comparison.  Here he is with Bennett from Commando.
He was supposed to be the heavy in the film.  Or what about the bad guy Salim Abu Aziz played by Art Malik.  
Hell, even cuffed Arnold seems to have the edge.  In Total Recall has a big throw down with Sharon Stone.
His biggest Franchise, The Terminator films, when he's the good guy who's he up against.  

So compare that with Rocky's antagonists, hell Stallone through down with Stone Cold in The first Expendables and let'  not forget Rourke in Get Carter. 

An action needs a good foe and Schwarzenegger's just been slumming for years.  

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