Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ghosts in the Attic by Mark Allan Gunnells

Mark Allan Gunnells’ Ghost in the Attic is a new collection of short stories released from Bad Moon Books and Evil Jester Press.  I would categorize the collection as more darkly supernatural as opposed to straight up horror as a whole, though at no point did I feel Gunnells was writing with kid gloves and worried about going too far.   

The most impressive element from the stories in Ghosts in the Attic as whole was the successful combination of eerie atmospheres and genuinely deep emotional characters.  Gunnells writes with a sincerity, that almost feels old fashioned in our world of meta humor and ironic winking. 

If you like old school style supernatural horror without restraint in the content I would strongly recommend Ghosts in the Attic.   

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