Saturday, September 7, 2013

No One Lives Review

RyĆ»hei Kitamura the director of the decent Midnight Meat Train and the incredible Versus directs the new flick No One Live from a script by David Cohen.  Kitamura’s direction is solid and he creates a dark tense, while still knowing how to shoot kick ass action sequences. The movie stares Luke Evans, Adelaide Clemens, America Olivo and Lee Tergesen.  The plot revolves around kidnapping, torture and survival, combining elements we’ve all seen in flicks such as Texas Chainsaw and Last House of the Left.
No One Lives is a difficult movie to review because there is a pretty cool plot twist about 20 minutes in that drastically changes the entire dynamic of the movie.  If you go with the twist the film is pretty enjoyable, however there are some serious detractors from this movie living up to its full potential. 
While the performances are solid across the board, none of the characters are likable in the least.  This would be fine if the plot was a bit tighter, but the script requires a few great moments of suspension of disbelief to work.  Again this would be fine if some of the twists were a bit more clever.  If any two of these complaints were addressed I would put the film at highly recommendable as opposed to an enjoyable B Movie that is never boring with some solid actions set pieces that you will probably forget about in a few days.   

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  1. I found No One Lives enjoyable - the twist was great, and the gore is something else. I didn't worry so much about finding the characters likeable, as that didn't seem to be important.