Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Riddick Review at Ravenous Monster

Vin Diesel returns to his cult favorite role as Richard B Riddick in a lean, gritty flick that returns to the franchise’s roots.  This movie is very much Diesel’s project and he reportedly worked for scale in order to get the project green lit. 

We first met the convict Richard B Riddick in Pitch Black a small sci-fi horror flick with a cool premise that came out of nowhere. Diesel’s performance as Riddick won audiences over if not in theatres but on DVD, paving the way for the inflated Chronicles of Riddick.  Though making in more money theatrically (though not enough to warrant a direct sequel), Chronicles of Riddick felt almost nothing like Pitch Black.  Riddick was no longer a cunning killer, but someone who lunged headfirst into danger while relying almost exclusively on his brutality to vanquish his foes.  Chronicles of Riddick ends with Riddick accidentally becoming the ruler of a violent alien race and beginning the search for his home planet of Furya.

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  1. Very fun, even if it is terribly-written and as dumb as you can get. Nice review M.R.