Monday, January 16, 2012

Freddy Vs Jason Vs Ash

Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash

This limited series comic is a bitter sweet little treat.  The script is based upon the film treatment that was bounced around after the success of Freddy vs. Jason.  The events begin with the survivors of Freddy vs. Jason, using them to introduce Ash (quite cleverly) and a new cast of kids. 
The story revolves around Freddy using Jason to retrieve the Necronomicon to live again.  Ash is also in search of the book.  Carnage ensues.  

If this film had come to fruition it would have had great potential.  The respective franchises are respected, without delving into accidental parody.  In interest of complete disclosure I was never a fan of Jason and was only lukewarm on Freddy’s films.  The Ash portrayed here is more akin to Evil Dead 2, rather than Army of Darkness.  He is a clear hero, but takes incredibly abuse. 
The artwork by Jason Craig is effective.  He balances the gritty real world elements well with the absurdity of the extreme levels of violence.  The action is brisk and clear, If these had been story boards this could have been amazing.  

In the end:
What could have been but never will be.  For fans of either franchise I recommend this read to see how the series could have ended, before the inevitably reboots.  For those less or unfamiliar with the franchises you will probably have your interest piqued.  Also of note, avoid Freddy vs Jason vs Ash 2 Nightmare warriors.  You have been warned.  

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