Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Praise for Robert Dunbar's "WILLY"

Recent guest at Cutis Anserina has turned a great number of heads this year for his novel Willy.
WILLY a dark literary novel by Robert Dunbar - published by Uninvited Books - has been turning up on a lot of best-of-the-year and top-ten lists. The book has now appeared on the preliminary ballot for the Bram Stoker Award from the Horror Writers Association.
Critical response to WILLY:
"Unique ... highly recommended." ~ MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW
"Dark and complex ... a book that will stay with you." ~ READER ADVISORY BOARD
"Profound ... honest and authentic ... a journey of healing." ~ THE READING REVIEW
"Dunbar, oddly, is a light in a world that is all about darkness." ~ LL BOOK REVIEW
"A literary horror masterpiece!" ~ THE KINDLE BOOK REVIEW
"Lyrical and suspenseful ... a tour de force." ~ SHROUD MAGAZINE
"Horror at its best, most fulfilling." ~ DARK SCRIBE MAGAZINE
"One of the most powerful novels this reviewer has ever read." ~ HELLNOTES
"Challenging and satisfying." ~ NIGHTS & WEEKENDS
"A genre-busting tour de force." ~ LITERARY MAYHEM
"A welcome change from the average horror novel." ~ DARK MEDIA MAGAZINE
"It just doesn't get any better than this." ~ HORROR WORLD
Best-of-the-Year lists on which WILLY appears:
Nights & Weekends
Literary Mayhem:
Serial Distractions:
Layers of Thought
Rabid Reads:
To the Bone Reviews:
SF Signal:
The Crow's Caw:

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  1. The Pines is a story that takes place in the heart of the NJ Pinelands and is about the NJ Devil. It grabs you at the first page and keeps you riveted until the very last sentence. The violence, sex & gore are plentiful so I would not recommend this for the squeamish. It is one of the best horror tales I've ever read and I have re-read it at least a dozen times. If you like the writing style of Laymon or Edward Lee, you will love this book.