Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Halloween Bash With Reed RothChild...The Divide

"Alright so this is my fourth time doing this. In case you're not one of my ten readers, basically every October I watch 31 horror films and review them on here. Sometimes I'll throw a TV show on for good measure or even a horror related documentary. Why do I do this you ask? Well besides the fact that I'm a huge nerd-I think it's fun to watch a bunch of films from a specific genre and review them. Also, I do this for you. This way if you're looking for a horror movie to watch with the lady and maybe get a handy as well then this is the place for you. Why do I give you so much? Because I fucking love you! Now please get off of my lawn so I can do the damn thing."

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Funny or Scary: This one leans heavily on the scary/disturbing side. I felt uncomfortable on more than one occasion.
Scariest Scene: Either when Josh ventures out of the basement for the first (and only) time and finds what has become of Wendi or when Sam brings back an unwilling Marilyn to his bunker.
Overall Corpse Rating: 6 slightly bored but ultimately impressed rape corpses.

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