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Halloween Bash...Troy McCombs shares make up tips

Please Welcome Troy McCombs

Halloween: the time of the year when the leaves change color, die, fall to the ground, and give off that distinct smell that foretells the coming of a new season. Halloween: the time of year when we trick people and treat ourselves to buckets of sugary, teeth-rotting candy. Halloween: the only time of the year when we can dress up, become someone else, and try to scare the crap out of each other for a good laugh.
I’ve always been fond of this holiday. At an early age, I decorated my porch with leaf-filled dummies, threw masks over the neck cavities, and angered my mom when I doused everything in too much blood. I never used that cheap vampire blood in the squeeze bottles, either. I used Stage Blood--it tastes like sugar and looks very real. I purchased this out of special-effects catalogues before there were many Halloween stores. None of it ever went to waste. I used it excessively in short films and simple video clips to see how many people I could gross out. When I was 15 or 16, and learned how to make it, I once filled a garbage can with water and added LOTS of food coloring. My friends and I would fill syringes with this stuff and squirt the gore everywhere.
Fun times.

1. Clear Karo Corn Syrup
2. Large bottle of red food coloring
3. Small bottle of blue food coloring
1. Pour the Karo into a bowl.
2. Add as much red as you can. Depending on how much corn syrup you use depends on the food coloring. I always used to get just the quart-size bottle of Karo, a tiny drip bottle of red and a larger pour-bottle of red (the one that comes packaged alone).
3. After saturating the Karo with red, mix well with a spoon. Then add blue--you’ll only need a few drops of this. Without blue, the blood will look too red and unrealistic.
4. Add blue and mix until it looks right. You may have to dip your fingers in it and rub it to check color. If it’s pink or blue or purple, add more red.
Remember: lots of red, little blue.
Lastly, you can add some water to thin it down, and, if you like, put some mouthwash in it to give it taste.

1. Buy skin wax putty--not the stuff with the cotton in it.
2. Roll into worm, and apply to where you want it.
3. Smooth in using Vaseline as a lubricant to keep it from sticking and gumming up.
Note: smoothing is the longest process.
4. Next, get something dull (a butter knife or such) and use the dull end to make a gash.
5. Gently apply proper skin color to match your tone.
6. Then, just add blood!

Have fun this Halloween season! Just make sure you don’t scare anyone who’s too old! Pick out a good costume, mask, and become somebody else!
Trick or Treat!

Ever since Troy’s third grade teacher made him write a short story for class credit, He was hooked to the art of writing. Creating and designing worlds that don't exist, and populating those worlds with interesting and unusual characters, is what he does best.

If you read work by Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft (his favorite author), then you've definitely come to the right place! He also has some coming-of-age stories as well (The Graveyard; The Black Place Inside; The Music of 1997).

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