Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Bash...With Reed Rothchild...Sitcoms are worse than Ke$ha.

Sitcoms are worse than Ke$ha.

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...this show just sucks hard.  It's about two friends who live in Holliston, Ma and host a horror review cable access show.  The only horror aspects of the show are their reviews of fake films and the occasional appearance by a B horror movie star that shows up in a random Family Guy style flashback or dream sequence.  The show is more or less a shitty sitcom complete with a laugh track and the main character (Adam) pining over his high school girlfriend.  I don't think I laughed once and all of the gore dream sequences sucked hard.  The special effects were awful, but not so awful they were good.  Dee Snider as their boss at the station was a nice touch and Oderus from Gwar's appearance was pretty cool, but otherwise this was the longest 40 minutes of television I've sat through in a long time.

Funny or Scary:  Neither, but boy does it try to be!
Funniest Scene: When Oderus Urungus shows up, not because the scene was particularly good, but because it reminded me of jamming out to Gwar cd's in like 8th grade that me and my friend John got for free from Columbia House.
Overall Corpse Rating: 3 bored as shit corpses.

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