Thursday, October 4, 2012

Halloween Bash With Reed Rothchild...VHS

Alright so this is my fourth time doing this.  In case you're not one of my ten readers, basically every October I watch 31 horror films and review them on here.  Sometimes I'll throw a TV show on for good measure or even a horror related documentary.  Why do I do this you ask?  Well besides the fact that I'm a huge nerd-I think it's fun to watch a bunch of films from a specific genre and review them.  Also, I do this for you. This way if you're looking for a horror movie to watch with the lady and maybe get a handy as well then this is the place for you.  Why do I give you so much? Because I fucking love you!  Now please get off of my lawn so I can do the damn thing.

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My first impression of this film is that it is a fucking blast.  Nearly all of the vignettes work well and they are all short enough that they never over stay their welcome.  The violence is really out there and the effects look terrific.  The scenarios all start of pretty generic, but I honestly could not have predicted where any of them were going.  This had all of my favorite horror movie components- gore, great effects, creative writing, and most importantly a slew of holy shit moments (loyal readers know how much I love my holy shit moments).  Once you get past how the shitty the picture looks (mostly due the stylized VHS look) there's a lot to love about this one.  The cast and crew were clearly having the time of their lives when they made this and it really shines through on the screen.  The acting can be a bit meh at times, but the scary surprises were plentiful and the film provides a little something for horror fans of all varieties.  There was only one vignette that I didn't really enjoy out of the five and even that wasn't horrible.  I can see this one becoming a cult favorite for years to come.

Funny or Scary: Both, which as most of you know is how I roll.  Most of the "tapes" start of with comedy to lull you in since each vignette follows twenty somethings getting into shenanigans   Then the tension builds resulting in a killer climax filled with blood, scares, and all around fun holy shit moments.
Scariest Scene: When Lilly totally loses it and transforms in the motel room.  It's absolutely brutal the way she handles the two guys in there and scene right before was dripping with tension.  Just an all around wonderfully done horror scene.
Overall Corpse Rating: 8 corpses that are not scared into using VHS for life.

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