Sunday, July 28, 2013

American Mary

Jen and Sylvia Soska are fucking brilliant, and American Mary is an intriguingly original genre entry that is more art flick than many people are probably willing to give it credit for.  I went into this film knowing almost nothing about it and rented it because it was there, and couldn't find anything else at the time that was screaming out to me. 
Katharine Isabelle (from Freddy vs Jason and the criminally under seen Ginger Snaps) gives an amazing performance as Mary Mason, a medical student who after having her entire world view perverted tries to find a place for herself in the world, with the skills she has. 
She becomes involved in the world of modification after a chance meeting with Beatress Johnson as played by with gentle nuance by Tristan Risk. This represents one of American Mary’s greatest strengths, the developed supporting cast around Mary.   

If you are a can of Croenberg’s classic body horror flicks, this is a natural successor.  Why not try a little art flick in your horror?  You might be glad you did.  

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