Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Fall

I don't normally post reviews for TV shows, but I had to make an exception for The Fall.  The five episode first season is currently available on Netflix instant watch, an import from BBC2, and it is simply amazing.

The show centers around Gillian Anderson, Stella Gibson in an incredibly reserved and nuanced performance hunting down a serial killer played with great intricacies by Jamie Dornan.  One of the Fall's greatest strengths is the fleshed out portrayal of the serial killer, while making no effort for the audience to sympathize with him.  I grow tired of shows and books like Dexter and Hanibal where the serial killer is somehow noble.  The Fall proves the depths of character you can have, without trying to manipulate the audience to find something to admire.
One of the creepiest elements of the show, are the home invasion stalk and kill sequences.  They are expertly choreographed, and realistically portrayed.  If someone broke into your house to kill you, this is probably how it would play out.  

The season ends on a satisfying climax, and an incredible cliffhanger.  I am glad season two is a definite now.  I could go on and on about all the amazing elements of this show, from its acknowledgment of sexism, to well drawn office politics, but I'll stop myself.  If you have instant watch from Netflix watch this now.

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