Monday, July 1, 2013

X Files Season 10 Issue #1

X Files season 10 is a new ongoing comic series meant to pick up after season 9, while ignoring but never in conflict with the X Files I Want to believe movie.  Chris Carter shares a writing credit with Joe Harris and Michael Walsh provides the art, but after nearly a decade since the show went off the air is there anything still left?

Yes there is still story to be told and issue #1 establishes where Mulder, Scully and  Skinner are now very effectively.  A new threat that is literally lurking in the shadows is introduced that drags Mulder and Scully back into their work with the X Files after leaving the FBI.  The simple art by Walsh works well, it has more of an old pulp edge than typical comic book fare that works well within the world of the X Files.  The story and writing are intriguing, and sets up this new plotline well, however issue #2 will be the true determiner of this series.  If the cool set ups yield some pay off this 5 issue arc will have me hooked.  If not it will probably be a decent but ultimately forgettable series like the the tops comics from the 90’s.  

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