Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash #1

Army of Darkness vs Hack/Slash #1 written by Time Seeley and drawn by Daniel Leister begins a six issue arc that picks up directly Hack/Slash's end (spoilers are present) and references the current Army of Darkness run at Dynamite.

Putting Ash and Cassie Hack together is going to seem like a gimmick, and it is.  But that doesn't mean its still not fun.  Much like Tim Seeley's Hack/Slash Re-Animator or Chuckey cross over his talent is impossible to miss.  Seeley crafts a solid premise and writes Ash as well as he did Herbert West, capturing the rhythm of Campbell's performance.

Daniel Leister's art captures the actions heavy movement well, allowing the reader to easily follow blow as it transpires, and has two very fun splash pages.

In the end this isn't the greatest horror comic (though much more violent than the teen rating would suggest) but for fans of these characters its a solid read, and I'll be looking forward to the next issue.

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