Thursday, July 18, 2013

Shark Night (3D)

I had a thought that made me feel uncomfortable so I decided to punish my brain by watching Shark Night(theatrically released as Shark Night 3D)

The movie feels like a decent enough shark flick that was edited for television because of the PG-13 rating.  One of the most interesting elements is the justification for the sharks being loose where there are people.  While far fetched it was an idea I haven't seen played out before.

At a brisk 90 minutes the film is neither good or bad enough to be terribly memorable.  Ultimately it seems like a wasted opportunity.  You come up with a fairly decent premise, and its the shark action that is bland and sub par...but never bad enough to turn the flick off.

The cast is decent enough, while being utterly forgettable.  My favorite bit of casting though is Joel David Moore (who was 34 when this was shot) playing a college kid.
So if neither good or bad, but simply blandly forgettable is your bag I recommend Shark Night, which doesn't really take place much at night but sounds better than Shark Day and a Half.

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